Monday, August 18, 2014

Will Video Resumes Replace Traditional Resumes?

The Short answer is very unlikely. There are a number of reasons that make video resumes impractical and risky.  The average employer will spend about 60 seconds reading a resume.  It is highly unlikely that a video can communicate the same information in 60 seconds, and executives do not have the time to review lengthy videos.  Companies are unlikely to invest in software that can scan videos for key words, which they presently do with traditional resumes.

Videos can be very risky because employers can reject a job candidate for any number of reasons that are evident on a video, but not evident on a traditional resume.  A video conveys far too much information including age, height, weight, personal appearance, body language and so on.  Any single negative can cost you an interview, whereas these risks are mitigated with a traditional resume.  In all likelihood, the traditional resume will remain constant for the foreseeable future. 

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