Monday, September 16, 2013

10 Biggest Career/Resume Killers

10 Biggest Career/Resume Killers

1.      Letting a friend or relative do your resume.
2.      Job hopping and never staying with any employer for more than 3 years.
3.      Becoming over specialized so that your skills are not transferable.
4.      An ambiguous and confusing resume where the reader can’t understand what it is you actually do.
5.      Having a career that is all over the map, a jack of all trades and master of none.
6.      A resume that reads like a job description and not a marketing piece.
7.      Not including a cover letter, or repeating the same info on the cover letter that’s on the resume.
8.      Weak interview skills.
9.      A lackluster, non aggressive job search.

10.  Selecting a resume writer based on price not expertise.

Monday, September 9, 2013




            I am writing in response to your ad for the position of Marketing Coordinator.

            During the past ten years, I have been employed in this role with Reliability Marketing Consultants, a provider of multi-media solutions and advertising to Fortune 500 clients.  My core responsibilities include the coordination of all multi-media projects working with internal and external resources, as well as value clients.

            I have won numerous awards and commendation letters from my clients, and I attribute my success to several key factors.  My project management skills are used to establish goals, performance metrics and critical path scheduling, keeping all project stakeholders focused and on-target at all times.  I facilitate cross-functional teams to build consensus and support for positive change and shared goals.  I ensure that all creative teams and stakeholders meet with clients' expectations, resulting in long-term trust and loyalty.  In addition, I use performance metrics and feedback as a baseline for continuous quality improvement, and to take a proactive versus reactive response to problems and opportunities.  Finally, I view a good job as a privilege, not an entitlement.  Therefore, I strive to add value to my clients and my employer on a consistent basis.

            I have enclosed a copy of my resumé for your review and consideration.