Monday, August 19, 2013

How Important is a Cover Letter?

                                                 How Important is a Cover Letter?

            It is as important as a resumé!  You many find this surprising, but many companies value likability as much as skills, experience and education.  You can't market likability on a resumé, it's not designed for that.  You can market likability in a face-to-face interview, but you have to get the interview.  In other words, you have to market likability on paper in order to get in front of an employer.

            Companies want to hire people who have character, a positive work ethic, and can contribute to the vision and values of the organization.  At Resumés Etc., we use the cover letter to briefly describe your background, while focusing on you as a person.  As a result, 50% of our clients have been told that they were interviewed because of their cover letter.  I have included a sample cover letter to demonstrate how our cover letters humanize you to a prospective employer.

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